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If you have time for a holiday coming up on the calendar, there are few options that allow you to “get away from it all” and enjoy the serenity of nature the same way as Fraser Island camping. One of the most beautiful natural locales in all Queensland, Fraser camping has been a popular activity for decades — and the island has a history with humans that stretches back much farther than that. It’s a big island, though, and there are many options you might choose. Where is the best camping on Fraser Island?

At Cathedrals On Fraser, we’d like to think we’ve found the answer. A private, safety-fenced campground on the island with plenty of amenities and a wealth of options for places to stay, we’ve made it our mission to let you escape to “island time.” Let your worries flow away with the salty breeze and focus on the sand between your feet — not the emails in your inbox.

A History of Camping on Fraser Island

A History of Camping on Fraser Island

Did you know that humans have inhabited Fraser Island in one way or another for many thousands of years? While we’re lucky to be able to enjoy camping in pristine areas today, the island has a long and interesting history that’s worth learning about before you stop in for a stay.

  • Before about 5000 years ago, Fraser Island wasn’t an island at all, but a high point in an area of lowlands. As the climate changed and seas rose, these areas became flooded, creating the island we know today. Eventually, the traditional owners of the island, the Butchulla people, settled here and called it K’gari.
  • Western exploration and the expansion of Australia brought newcomers to the island — not anyone interested in a camping experience, but in taking resources. Eventually, the importance and natural beauty of the space led to its recognition as a heritage site, protecting the opportunity to enjoy it for all.
  • Today, camping on Fraser Island isn’t about survival or a place to stop over while sailing somewhere else; it’s a beloved activity on its own. We invite you to come and share in the rich history of the island with us.

What Sets Cathedrals On Fraser Apart as One of the Best Camping Spots on Fraser Island?

At Cathedrals On Fraser, your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are always our top priorities. With that in mind, we’ve developed many facilities within the campground to enhance your experience when you stay with us during your Fraser Island camping booking. What makes our facilities special?

  • We have a general store with everything you could need, including delicious hot food for when you just want to enjoy a good meal. Our store also carries fuel, spare 4×4 parts, groceries for your campsite, and much more. Our aim is simple — keep you well-stocked throughout your stay.
  • Free showers and flush toilets. No need to worry about finding change and rushing through a coin-op shower. Feel free to scrub away the grime of the day so you can end your evening or start your day feeling refreshed and ready for more adventure.
  • On-site coin laundry so you can keep your clothes clean even during long stays. Freshen up or do your laundry before you head home, whichever you prefer.

Fast Facts About Our Fraser Island Camping Sites

What else makes our location on Fraser Island some of the best camping spots? One of the differences that stands out most clearly is our range of accommodation. With many options, there is something for virtually every individual or group and budget here. How do we stand apart with our accommodation?

  • We have more options than most when considering accommodation. We offer cabins, tents, and campsites, with a considerable amount of variation among each. For example, we have cabins with one to three bedrooms and all basic amenities supplied, so you can bring a group of up to six guests to enjoy cosy cabin living.
  • Our permanent tents include comfortable mattresses in a covered, enclosed sleeping space with access to all the communal amenities of the campground. Ideal for smaller groups, these sites also have power points available (4 amp limit), so you can run your favourite devices.
  • Finally, we also have many powered campsites for you to set up in and enjoy. Want to go for the truly rustic camping experience? Ask about our unpowered sites, including our “wilderness” spot where you can enjoy greater quiet and seclusion.

What You Should Know About Visiting Our Fraser Island Camp

If you’re thinking about making a Fraser Island camp booking with us, it’s a good idea to step back and learn more about how to get here and what to expect on your way to stay on site. We’ve prepared a few quick tips to make it easier:

  • You must secure a Queensland National Parks access permit for your vehicle before arriving. While you do not need to worry about securing a camping permit because our property is a private campground, you will need this permit to enter the general area. Booking online is easy and takes no time at all.
  • Cathedrals On Fraser occupies a beautiful but rugged location. To safely reach our campground, you will need a capable 4×4 vehicle. Don’t worry — there are plenty of rental options on the mainland, such as in Hervey Bay. Explore these solutions before you begin planning your trip to avoid any headaches.
  • Consider booking ferry tickets in advance, and make backup plans in the event of inclement weather or other concerns that may make it more challenging to reach the island. (Learn more about directions here), or let us know if we can help.

Things to Do Near Your Camp on Fraser Island

For some, laying back and soaking in the beach atmosphere is all they need to have a good time when camping here. For others, the unique nature of the local area practically demands exploration. Some of our favourite things to do in the nearby areas include:

  • Bring your fishing tackle and enjoy one of the best spots you’ll ever find for casting into the water with sand and surf under your feet. With more than half a dozen exciting sport fish to find in these waters, you never know what you’ll reel in while fishing.
  • Visiting during the season from July to October? Bring your binoculars and head down to the beach, because it’s the perfect time to do some whale watching. The seasonal migration of humpback whales takes pods right past Fraser Island, giving you a prime opportunity to see them in person.

Explore for fulgurites (sand turned to glass by lightning) on Corrigin Sandblow, an impressive dune to which our guests enjoy unrestricted private access.

Prepare For Your Visit to Our Fraser Island Camping Spots

Ready to come to Fraser Island? Before you book camping, we have a few more words of wisdom to share so you can prepare to fully enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. We recommend making the following preparations:

  • Learn about even more of the things to do around the island. We’ve only just scratched the surface. Even operating a campground here, we’re frequently surprised and excited by the new discoveries we make. Plan to fill your days with adventure and your nights with good food and relaxing times.
  • Double-check that your vehicle is in good working order and capable of making the trek to the campsite. A quick visit with your favourite mechanic might not be a bad idea, although we’re happy to help with spare parts as needed in our general store.

Follow the weather forecast. While rain is not often a problem, it is always a good idea to know what temperatures and weather conditions to prepare for as you pack your kit.

About Cathedrals On Fraser

Founded more than 40 years ago on a land grant and inspired by a true passion for the abundance of natural beauty on the island, Cathedrals On Fraser today remains a family-owned business. Still driven by a love for the outdoors, we continue to improve our campground, striving to offer the best camping on Fraser Island no matter your budget or personal preferences. We hope you’ll stay with us soon — there’s always something new to discover here.

Ready to make arrangements for Fraser Island camping by booking online? Check our availability today, or contact us for direct assistance.

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