Fraser Island Beach Camping

Fraser Island Beach Camping for a Refreshing Retreat

Our range of Fraser Island beach camping facilities offers a coastal escape suited to your requirements. From permanent tents to rustic DIY camping grounds, Cathedrals On Fraser ensures a relaxing getaway with amenities suited to all ages.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Cathedral Beach Fraser Island Camping Facilities

Choose from our permanent tented accommodation for a ‘glamping’ experience or bring your own equipment to pitch in one of our campsites.

  • Our permanent single and double room tents eliminate the time used to set up your campsite. The ready-to-use accommodation includes beds, internal lighting, and an external power point. Experience all the benefits of the outdoors while enjoying the convenient furnishings.
  • Powered campsites are located in diverse, secluded settings to suit the preferences of every lover of the outdoors. You can set up your campsite tailored to your preferences which is within walking distance of our clean ablution facilities.
  • Our unpowered campsites are designed for guests to get closer to nature and relax in a serene setting. With no electricity, our unpowered sites promote high quality, restful sleep for your body to rejuvenate. Guests have access to campsite amenities for a comfortable stay.

Little Known Facts About Cathedral Beach Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a heritage-listed site owed to its abundance in natural resources.

  • Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and boasts 75 miles of beach. It contains over 100 freshwater lakes and towering ancient rainforests that are home to thousands of wildlife species. The diverse flora, fauna, and cultural heritage make this a popular eco-tourism destination.
  • To get to Fraser Island, you can travel by car or plane to Hervey Island, and then take the barge or ferry across to the island. For our adventurous 4X4 enthusiasts, The Great Beach Drive is a scenic and challenging trail to put your 4WD skills to the test.
  • The diverse, natural wilderness brings with it a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Pre-determined hiking trails through the forests and lakes is a great way to soak up the natural beauty. Boating, fishing and tubing are available in the turquoise waters of our freshwater lakes.

Why Use Cathedral Beach on Fraser Island as Your Next Holiday Destination

Besides the picturesque scenery, Fraser Island is home to a variety of native wildlife. Kangaroos, emus, turtles, native birds, and a resident camel are just a few of the animals you could encounter. Thanks to its remote location, it is home to the purest strain of dingoes in the world. The range of available activities such as helicopter rides, jet ski tours and natural rock pools cater to all ages and will keep you entertained throughout your holiday. Fraser Island is far enough away from the bustling city life without a lengthy travel to get here. Available all year round, Cathedrals on Fraser offer competitive peak and off-peak rates to suit your budget.

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General safety information

Safe Driving on Fraser Island

Aim to travel two hours either side of low tide wherever possible. Ensure you are not driving on the beach two hours either side of high tide.

It is recommended that you reduce tyre pressure before you get to Fraser Island. This is even more important if you are towing (don’t forget to reduce your trailer/caravan tyre pressures too!) If you are an inexperienced driver or towing a trailer or caravan, we recommend taking the Mantaray barge out of Rainbow Beach to avoid the need to take an inland track. Generally, the eastern beach route will be a smoother journey. During dry weather the sand at Inskip Point can become very soft and vehicles can easily get bogged getting on and off the barge.

For more tips on sand driving, visit here.

Emergency Contacts

In an emergency, dial 000.  If you don’t have mobile reception try 112. Help can be hours away, so carry a well-stocked first aid kit and medical supplies.

Fraser Island Police (Eurong): 4123 7911
Tow Truck Services (Eurong): 4127 9449 or 0428 353 164
Fraser Island Taxi: 4127 9188

To read more about what to expect and how to be safe on Fraser Island, visit:

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