Camping Grounds Fraser Island

Enjoy Nature’s Gifts at Our Secure Camping Grounds on Fraser Island All Year Long

Our centrally located eastern beach camping grounds on Fraser Island are dingo-fenced and provide the comfort of clean flushing toilets, free hot showers, and laundry facilities. See what else we offer in affordable self-catering lodgings.

How Much Do You Know About Fraser Island Campgrounds?

Fraser Island is the biggest sand island in the world and listed as a World Heritage site. Use our campground as your home-base and delight in the lakes, unique rainforest that grows on sand, extraordinary, coloured sand cliffs, rock pools, dunes, beach walking, and incomparable natural beauty.

  • You can choose between powered and unpowered campsites, a one or two-bedroom self-contained cabin with ensuite bathroom, a two or three-bedroom cabin without bathroom, and a permanent single or double room tent. View our accommodation options a brief walk from the beach.
  • Purchase Wi-Fi, pharmaceuticals, groceries, hot food, freshly ground coffee, bait and tackle, camping gear, 4X4 parts, fuel, gas bottle refills, and ice from our well-stocked general store, which includes a bottle-o. Grab a burger at our café if you don’t feel like cooking after a long sightseeing trip.
  • Just relax at the tree-covered campgrounds if fishing, dune climbing, and four-wheel driving is not your style. The goannas will probably visit you while you’re reading your book and chances are you will spot several of the hundreds of bird species, such as kookaburras and honeyeaters – maybe even the mysterious, black-breasted buttonquail – while kicking back.

Our campgrounds provide designated fire-rings, so build a fire and enjoy the sounds and warmth while staring into the flames. Feel free to bring your own fire-pit if it catches coals.

Things to Do Near Fraser Island Campground

Swim in Lake McKenzie, view the famed Maheno shipwreck and take a dip in the Champagne Pools bubbling with seawater at low tide. There’s so much to choose from that we’ve decided to list the Fraser Island activities and attractions for you.

  • Our guests have private access to the Corrigin Sand blow. You may spot the fulgurites created when the lightning strikes the dunes if you undertake the 30-minute walk to the top.
  • Fish to your heart’s content in one of the finest all-season beach fishing areas in Australia right in front of our campground. You may reel in a Spanish mackerel, swallowtail, or whiting, among several other possibilities.
  • Visit Peter Meyer’s gallery at Kingfisher Bay Resort if you’re a photographer and allow his exceptional landscape and wildlife pictures to amaze and inspire your own work.

Why not take a 15-minute flight over Fraser Island to give you a different perspective? An airborne panoramic view is a thrilling experience, so book your scenic aerial tour with Air Fraser Island.

About Cathedrals On Fraser

Cathedrals on Fraser campground is an excellent choice if you’re looking for accommodation. We provide shielded beach kitchens with toasters, kettles, microwaves, freezers, fridges, gas cooktops, and BBQs, and our well-stocked store is the best on the island.

Contact us and check availability today.

General safety information

Safe Driving on Fraser Island

Aim to travel two hours either side of low tide wherever possible. Ensure you are not driving on the beach two hours either side of high tide.

It is recommended that you reduce tyre pressure before you get to Fraser Island. This is even more important if you are towing (don’t forget to reduce your trailer/caravan tyre pressures too!) If you are an inexperienced driver or towing a trailer or caravan, we recommend taking the Mantaray barge out of Rainbow Beach to avoid the need to take an inland track. Generally, the eastern beach route will be a smoother journey. During dry weather the sand at Inskip Point can become very soft and vehicles can easily get bogged getting on and off the barge.

For more tips on sand driving, visit here.

Emergency Contacts

In an emergency, dial 000.  If you don’t have mobile reception try 112. Help can be hours away, so carry a well-stocked first aid kit and medical supplies.

Fraser Island Police (Eurong): 4123 7911
Tow Truck Services (Eurong): 4127 9449 or 0428 353 164
Fraser Island Taxi: 4127 9188

To read more about what to expect and how to be safe on Fraser Island, visit:

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