The towering coloured sand pinnacles after which Cathedrals is named
The towering coloured sand pinnacles after which Cathedrals is named

About Cathedrals on Fraser

The only privately owned camping ground on Fraser Island


This means guest are treated with family-friendly service, and NO QPWS (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) camping  permit is required to stay with us! Cathedrals on Fraser is now fenced, so no dingoes can enter our property!

Cathedrals on Fraser offers a wide variety of on-site services and facilities including a fully stocked shop with hot food and coffee, as well as a fuel station, laundry facilities, hot showers and much more!

The campground also hosts a variety of accommodation options to suit any budget, from permanently erected canvas tents, cabins and powered or unpowered camping sites.

Centrally located on Fraser Island’s east coast,Cathedrals on Fraser is the perfect destination for a relaxing get away or an action packed holiday.

If adventure is what you're after, Cathedrals central location will ensure you don't miss out on anything the island has to offer. From the grounds, you're only a short walk to the beach with some of the islands best fishing spots and picturesque coloured sand pinnacles. You're also just a short drive from the islands most popular tourist attractions like Eli Creek, the Maheno Shipwreck and Lake Allom.

If you prefer a more relaxing get away, Cathedrals on Fraser offers a serene sanctuary in which to spend your days observing the wildlife, reading or trekking up Corragin Sandblow, a sand dune at the back of the campground to which guests have private access.

Cathedrals on Fraser can provide all of the essentials for a great island camping experience. Just gather your family, round up your friends and make Cathedrals on Fraser the home base for your next Fraser Island get-away!


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History of Cathedrals on Fraser


Geoff and Norma Hannant came across this idyllic camping spot just off Cathedral Beach in 1975. Originally, it was known as "Cathedral Beach Resort" and has undergone a few name changes since then, but the founding principals have remained intact. For nearly 40 years this campground has been a nature enthusiast's retreat, a peaceful piece of island paradise where you can truly get away from the hustle and bustle and soak up the natural beauty of the World Heritage park.

The campgrounds were brought to life for practical purposes, as Norma and Geoff, 15-year residents of the island, needed a place to stop north of Eli Creek when the waters were high and too dangerous to cross. They found themselves setting up camp near the towering coloured sand pinnacles on a regular basis. They wanted to share the great spot with others, so they applied for a land grant to open the official campgrounds.

As word began to spread about Cathedrals on Fraser, the campground grew in popularity, filling to capacity every holiday season. Norma recalls "There was one group of friends in particular who would book the exact same 15 campsites year after year, gathering from all over Queensland to share in a yearly holiday tradition." In 2002, Norma retired, maintaining her role as head of the Fraser Island Committee. Groups like the one Norma mentioned continue to hold their yearly gatherings at Cathedrals on Fraser.

In 2012, Cathy and Pete acquired the property, initiating extensive restoration of the campgrounds. Their goal was to make this piece of paradise more accessible and enjoyable for all. In June 2016, Jack and Michelle took over the reins, with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm. With a background in environmental science and education, and a love of the outdoors, they look forward enhancing your experience at Cathedrals on Fraser.


About Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the largest island on Australia's east coast, and the largest sand island in the world. It is rich with history and wildlife, and remains a scientific phenomenon to this day. A magical paradise of crystal clear freshwater lakes, spectacular coloured sands, immense sand blows, lush rainforests, and abundant wildlife, Fraser Island is truly a miracle of nature. It remains a mystery as to how the lush jungle grows from the massive island of sand. In recognition of its outstanding natural values, it is inscribed on the world heritage list, one of less than 400 areas world-wide!

Brief History– The Butchulla people are the indigenous people of Fraser Island. Their traditional name for the island was K'Gari, meaning paradise. Captain Cook first sighted the Butchella people on Fraser in 1770, naming Indian Head after the islanders. European colonization caused great conflict with the Aboriginal people as land was cleared for agricultural practices and their native way of life was greatly disturbed. In 1991, such agricultural practices were halted when it became nominated for a World Heritage listing.

Wildlife– Fraser Island is home to many species of wildlife, including the purest breed of dingo remaining in Australia. There are 47 species of mammals, 79 species of reptiles, 19 species of snakes, and more than 354 species of birds have been sighted. And that's just on land! The waters surrounding Fraser are home to dolphins, rays, turtles, dugongs, and from July to November you can often spot humpback whales on their migration journey north.

Please be knowledgeable about how to respond appropriately to wildlife encounters before you arrive on the island so that we may continue to coexist with these beautiful creatures. Remember, you're coming into their home for your holiday. Minimize your impact by observing all rules of the island, helping to preserve this beautiful piece of World Heritage park for future generations to enjoy.